Mission Statement

Coach Sonda

Hi, my name is Sonda and I am your personal Health and Wellness coach. I am a graduate of Dr. Sears Health and Wellness Institute. I am a mother of 3 adult children, one who recently graduated high school and still lives at home, one married daughter and a grown son making his way in the world. I ran my own Preschool and Daycare for 10 years before transitioning into Tacoma Public Schools where I worked with at-risk youth and taught math and reading at the elementary level. I realized early on the correlation between nutrition and behavior and incorporated what little I knew then to my programs working with children and saw incredible results.


My own personal experience with nutrition came much more recently when I was having my own personal health crisis. In a desperate attempt to stop the cycle of prescription medications that were only hurting me physically I started looking into healthier methods of eating, how to lower if not eliminate medications, chemical cleaners, the list continues to grow as does my own journey and I am excited that you are taking steps in your journey to live, feel, and be a heathier, stronger you! 


Besides sharing helpful tips on how to shop and eat better I am a Distributor with Juice Plus because you can never get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet and the scientific research behind anti-oxidants in fruits and vegetables and the link to better health and healing from dis-ease using plant-based methods.


I also do symposiums and retreats with Go Huey Systems. Go Huey is an online communication tool to help you learn how best to effectively communicate with your friends, family and co-workers. I would like to know how to effectively motivate you and know you better. Go to HueyMe.com to create your profile then look for me and "friend me." I will add you to my circle of influence.



I am happy to announce my collaboration with Pilates Bodies in Motion in University Place, WA. Brandon is offering a *complimentary class to anyone interested. Just call ahead to schedule your time and tell them you received the offer online through Invincible Health and Wellness.