Do you suffer from Diabetes? Heart Disease? High Blood Pressure? An Autoimmune disease? Frequent headaches? Check out my upcoming class "I've been diagnosed, now what" on my Other Events page

I teach Family classes  getting all members on board with nutrition goals and education. Break the cycle of obesity and unhealthy eating habits. Your families health history does not have to be yours or your child's reality. I have an upcoming Adult Only retreat September 29th & 30th check out my Retreats page for more information.

Do you have health goals but don't know how to achieve them? Are you overwhelmed by all the information out there? The multiple diets, myths, fads? Request a  *30 minute phone consultation. Go to my Contact Me page to send your request today.


*consultation cost is $30. If you purchase a coaching program the $30 consultation fee is applied towards the package price.