Heather -
I really enjoyed her class. Both very educational plus fun too.

I've been to multiple health and wellness classes and all have been fun and informative! From learning about diet and supplements to learning to use essential oils. Always a good time.



I attended Sonda's classes. She. Presented revelent and great information that Was useful and I am using it to adjust my life with Fibromyalgia.

Anyone who would like to receive useful information and not just fluff and sales would benefit from her 



Sharon P.

I attended Sonda's class on "Treating Minor Aches and Wellness". It was very informative and well presented. I found that the suggested "Deep Blue" really helped with the arthritis pain in my hip and really appreciated the knowledge.



Dennis P

Most people have no clue that they can eat healthy on a low budget and also really enjoy the food. Sonda provides the right education that anyone can understand so your motivation for a healthier lifestyle is not sidetracked by fears of missing out.



Sonda provides such valuable and useful information regarding health and wellness. If you haven't met with Sonda or attended any of her workshops, classes or events, you are missing out. Connect with her today. You'll be glad you did. 
















Doris H-G

I learned that sugar is bad for us and our foods are loaded with a lot of it. I learned a lot about different types of foods that's good for you and the bad foods that's not good for you


Michelyn G.

I learned more about fiber than I knew before. And I learned that I have a pretty good diet overall with some small areas for improvement. Bringing the family along takes time so I appreciated ways to do that.