The Essential Life book.


This hardcover 8.5"x 11" book covers nearly every essential oil available. You can look oils up by name or by illness. This book includes recipes for making your own oil blends as well as recipes for meals.


If you are wanting to get serious about your health and your home with essential oils, this book is a must have! $30 + s/h = $45.00

Lavender oil. Two options: roller-ball or 15 ml bottle


Lavender is great for calming properties. Use when stressed or to help you go to sleep at night. It also has antihistamine properties, great for those who suffer from allergies and antibacterial, put on cuts and wounds. 


The roller-ball is already diluted with fractionated coconut oil, ready to use. The 15 ml bottle is pure oil. You can use it straight from the bottle in full strength or dilute yourself in fractionated coconut or grape-seed oil.


Roller-ball: $15 + s/h = $21.00

15 ml bottle: $23 + s/h = $29.00

Lemon Essential oil 15 ml


Lemon oil is great for digestion. Put a drop or two in a 4 oz glass of water daily to boost immunity, alleviate allergies and aid in digestion.


Rub on the bottom of your feet for immune and respiratory benefits. 


Defuse for uplifting feelings and health benefits, also makes house smell great!


15 ml bottle: $11.00 + s/h = $17.00

Peppermint Oil 15 ml


Peppermint Oil is great for headaches, body pain, nausea, indigestion/heartburn.


This product comes in beadlets which are great to keep in your pocket for freshening your breathe. 


Apply topically around head or directly on tight muscles. Put 1-2 drops on water for nausea and indigestion. Defuse for aromatic benefits to uplift your mood.


15 Ml bottle $22 + s/h = $28.00

beadlets $12.50 + s/h = $18.50

Clary-Calm women's blend


Clary-Calm is magic in a bottle when it comes to menstrual cramps! Roll this across your lower abdomen and lower back to relieve cramps. This is also great to regulate your cycle and mood.


This can and should be used daily for PCOS, Menopause, and other women's related reproductive health issues. For menstrual cramps begin use day before cycle starts or at sight of cycle for immediate relief.


Roller-bottle only: $27 + s/h = $33.00

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