LEAN Expectations

LEAN expectations is a series of three classes that can be taken independently or consecutively. Come learn with other women what to expect during each Trimester, about proper pregnancy nutrition,  how to treat common issues without having to risk the safety of your unborn baby, debunk myths and caring for yourself after baby is born, and how to handle those whose intentions mean well, but their advice is unsolicited for caring for your family.

Prepare Right Now: Learn what to expect during each trimester, why prenatal care is important as well as your lifestyle and what you should avoid. We also discuss exercise during pregnancy and how attitude affects your growing baby

Eat Right Now: Here you will learn about good nutrition for you and your growing baby. We will discuss protein, protein for vegetarians/vegans, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and supplements. We will also discuss calories, weight gain, and pregnancy myths.

Live Right Now: In this class we will discuss what to expect after the baby is born. Topics include: Breastfeeding, birth bonding, baby wearing, listening to your babies language, How to watch out for "baby trainers," those well intentioned people who want to share all their "good" advice, setting boundaries, and finding balance within your new role. We will also discuss postpartum nutrition, depression and reconnecting with your spouse.

LEAN Expectations

Next series begins Wednesday, October 13th @ 7 PM with Prepare Right Now. *Military (active & dependents) please email me for special pricing.

LEAN Expectations


I offer Pregnancy Coaching Sessions

     Have you been trying to become pregnant but can't? I will provide you with assistance in tracking your monthly cycle and determining when your best chances of pregnancy will occur along with nutrition and lifestyle coaching. A two month commitment is required to start then you can add sessions at will. 

Individual Pregnancy Coaching

Weekly Coaching session for a successful pregnancy


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*Certified Pregnancy and Women's Health Coach