I offer 3 options for the LEAN START workshops.

  1. I use the LEAN Essentials class as my Employee Wellness Workshop presented at your location.  This is also a great workshop for your local gym. Each participant receives a workbook. Price per person. Discounted at group rates.
  2. Quarterly workshops at different locations open to all.
  3. I teach LEAN START for Families in group workshops at schools, churches, and Boy &Girls Clubs. I also offer a 6 week program in your home as a family. Ages 3 and up.


L.E.A.N ESSENTIALS is a 2 hour workshop for folks beginning their journey into a healthier lifestyle. This 2 hour class is perfect for your Employee Wellness Program or your local gym.


In a recent study researchers at Brigham Young University found that for every dollar spent on Employee Wellness programs, employers receive a $3-4 savings in healthcare costs!


Benefits of Healthy Employees:

  • Improved productivity
  • better concentration, focus and alertness
  • Higher energy levels
  • Lower Healthcare costs
  • lower absenteeism rate, lost time and fewer sick days
  • Less Employee turn-over
  • Enhanced employee morale
  • fewer injuries, less human error
  • reduced stress 


This is a program for a lifetime of health, not a diet program. We will discuss what foods are best to eat, how to make healthier choices and what to limit through "Traffic Light Eating",  We will discuss ways to get moving and be active - Exercise should be fun & what type of exercise is best! How to have a positive mental attitude and why it is important, Getting enough sleep, water intake, reducing stress, the importance of a "Brainy Breakfast" and what a "right fat" diet looks like. You will learn 12 concepts to living a healthy lifestyle.


Cost: $99/person *Group discounts available

Includes workbook & Handouts


Call or email to schedule your group class




The family that gets healthy together, stays together! Too many families are ripped apart because of premature death due to heart disease, obesity,  or cancer. While this is a sad reality for many families, it does not need to be that way. The growing number of children taking statin medications for high cholesterol has doctors saying this generation is the first generation expected NOT to outlive their parents! I want families to play together, prepare meals together, and share common health goals. My LEAN START for Families classes are designed to be 6 one-hour sessions at your local school, community center, church or home involving the whole family. Each week we will discuss 2 of the healthy living concepts, set goals and prepare a healthy snack. Parents and children each get their own workbook.


Families will experience:

  • Improvements in over-all health
  • Fewer sick days and less time away from school and work
  • Reduced medical expenses
  • Better weight control
  • More active, energetic and happier lives

Children will experience:

  • Improved learning
  • Better attention
  • Improved Behavior
  • Good attitude
  • Increased performance
  • Better concentration


Cost depends on size of family and location of event.