Coach Sonda offers classes for individuals at all stages in life. LEAN Beginnings is perfect for those just beginning their health and wellness journey and young families wanting to grow healthy together. LEAN Expectations is for women wanting to get pregnant and start their pregnancies healthy; and prepared for what to expect or those already pregnant and wanting a smooth healthy pregnancy. Sports Health is for the individual looking at bumping up their "A" game and going from a casual or committed exercise enthusiast to one who is considering or training for a marathon. Finally, Prime Time Health is for adults who are experiencing health and aging issues or want to avoid the common aging issues such as High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugars, Depression, and Inflammation. Learn how you can over come these common, but painful and debilitating diseases so that you can move, live and enjoy life freely! 



is a 3 part series that can be taken individually or together. Each class has valuable information that you need to know if you are expecting a baby or you a planning ahead and want the healthiest and best pregnancy possible! 


Eat Right Now tells you what foods are best for you and your growing baby, "right fats", Folic acid, calories, Protein/protein for the vegan or vegetarian mom, eating for two and common myths about pregnancy.


Prepare Right Now walks you through the stages of pregnancy. What your body is doing and how your baby is growing. We will also discuss exercise, and attitude during pregnancy.


Live Right Now transitions you into parenthood. Topics covered are "The 7 baby B's", Post-partum depression, and TLC for mom  

Each class is $55 or $145 for all 3! Discount applies when you register for all three at same time. No classes scheduled at this time. If you are interested in a class, please contact the coach via email under "contact us" tab.

Sports Health

Too often I see people start a workout regimen or commit to a marathon but don't realize how important nutrition is. This lecture is geared for those who workout for 2 hours or more daily or are training for a marathon/competition. This is a 1 hour class designed to help you calculate amount of water you should be drinking, how much protein you need. Soy verses Whey, nutritional supplements, fats and more!


No classes are scheduled at this time. Please check out the Events page for FREE workshops happening. If you are interested in a Sports Health class at your local gym or studio, Please contact the coach under the contact us page. Cost is $30/person or flat-rate of $300 for groups of 10 or more.


Prime Time Health classes are for those ages 40 and above. Like the LEAN Expectations classes these four classes are designed to be taken as a group, but written as a stand alone class so you can pick and choose your topics of interest. Each class is 90 minutes in duration, comes with a work book and Dr. Sears Prime Time Health book. Learn topics such as Open Your Internal Pharmacy, Make Health Your Hobby, Move Waste From Your Waist, and Live Without Pain and Inflammation. Each topic encourages goal setting and helps you lay out a plan to achieve success!


Each class is $60 or $200 if you register for all four upfront! No classes are scheduled at this time. To schedule this series at your location go to the Contact Us tab and Coach Sonda will call you to schedule arrangements.