Your Diet can Cause or Cure Diabetes

Have You or Your child been diagnosed with Diabetes?

Has your doctor told you that you are "Pre-diabetic?"

Were you angry? In Shock? In denial when you took your initial Diabetes workshop after being diagnosed?

Come find out how to take back control of Your health and manage Your Disease.

Truth is, Your Diet is a big factor in preventing, curing, or managing Diabetes.


Our Workshop focuses mainly on nutrition, but also discusses exercise, attitude, pain management and lifestyle. Your Choice of two workshops.


Take Back Your Life: 2 Hour workshop includes workbook, handouts and 1 hour of follow-up care with Health Coach (your choice of either 2 half-hour coaching calls or 1 one-hour in-person session).


Sustainable Strides: 6 one-hour Zoom workshops. Runs consecutively for 6 weeks. Each week you will learn a new concept, have a discussion around the concept, create your own goals. I offer a new recipe each week corresponding with each week's topic. Each participant gets a coaching call mid-week to see how you are doing with your goal and to see if any changes need to be made. Cost includes workbook, materials for class.


Have you been diabetic for awhile and are having trouble maintaining your numbers? Need help making dietary changes? Check out my coaching packages.


* I am a Level 1 Diabetes Para-educator through the American Association of Diabetes Educators & a member of ACDES (Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists)


Diabetes/ Autoimmune Take Back Your Life Workshop

2 hour Zoom workshop

Diabetes/Autoimmune workshop


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Sustainable Strides for Diabetics

6 weekly one-hour workshops with recommendations and guidelines specifically for those with diabetes. Saturdays @ 1 PM Beginning September 25th - October 30th


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  • Ships within 1-3 days