Lunch & Learn Sessions

     Invincible Health and Wellness is excited to offer your choice of 30 minute or one hour lunch and learn employee wellness sessions. Studies show that employers who invest in the health and well-being of their employees see a ROI of $4 every $100 spent. Moreover, they save money in out of pocket medical expenses and in training new employees because employee turn over rates drop when employees feel that the company cares about them. Workers are reportedly happier at work, more productive and miss less work due to illnesses.


     Each session includes a presentation and either a snack or lunch, materials, water bottle for each participant, recipe of meal served and a 20 minute follow up                                                                      session for each participant.



  • Eating for Health: Covers what a healthy, aka, whole food diet looks like, water intake, exercise and positive mental attitude
  • Eating Healthy on the GoThis session is for working professionals or those that travel frequently or find themselves eating a lot of fast food. This is a great workshop that encourages packing a lunch with lots of great menu ideas as well as helping make smart decisions when eating out.
  • The Skinny on FatsAll about fats and the importance of Omega 3's in your diet to combat heart disease and boost brain health.
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget: This session debunks the myth that eating healthy food/organic foods are "too" expensive.
  • Vitamins VS Supplements: All vitamins are supplements, however, not all supplements are vitamins and they are NOT created equal! This session shows participants how to determine if the vitamin or supplement they are taking is bioavailable and how to choose a great supplement via label reading.
  • Treating Minor Aches and Illnesses Through Natural, Safe Methods: This session covers how to treat common complaints without reaching for a medicine bottle. All methods are safe for pregnant women, those currently on prescription drugs and those who must provide regular UA's. Topics include, but not limited to headaches, body aches, sinuses, coughs, incontinence, insomnia, indigestion and more depending on length of lunch.
  • Sustainable Strides: This is a 6 week session commitment. Each week will cover a different topic starting with What a healthy diet looks like, skinny on fats, the importance of grains, A healthy gut, Exercise, and Attitude. Each week there will be a discussion and goal setting. Each participant will have a weekly private coaching session to answer any questions and help over come any obstacles. *Includes workbook, water bottle, pen, additional handouts and either lunch or a snack and recipes.

Price varies on length of lunch, if I am providing a lunch or snack and how many participants. Group discounts apply for groups of 10 or more. Please contact me for more information.

Diabetes Education for Caretakers

     Do you have an adult care facility? Are you a Caregiver? Whether you care for adults with disabilities or the elderly you should know how to read their glucose numbers, what snacks are safe and best, how to prepare well-balanced meals that will promote  healthy blood glucose levels. We will also discuss: helping your clients manage stress and incorporate exercise in their routines depending on their mobility. This is a two hour workshop. 

Diabetes Education for Caregivers

Learn how you can best support your client with Diabetes.


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days