Why you should use a Health Coach

     There are several reasons one might seek out guidance

from a Health Coach. Health Coaches teach you about

proper nutrition, they inform you on how your body works

in regards to blood flow, sugar uptake, how fats are processed and why exercise is important and it's role in the body.

A Health Coach can guide you along a path for reaching

goals, or if you have a health concern and when you should

visit a doctor. For those wanting to lose weight or try a

different diet Health Coaches create an accountability

partner; someone to cheer you on and someone who can call your bluff.  

      You might be wondering if a Health Coach is a nutritionist. A Health Coach is not a Nutritionist.

A Nutritionist has a Bachelors degree, a Health Coach has a certification from an accredited school. Usually your health insurance will pick up the bill for a visit to a Nutritionist if your doctor has referred you. If not, then you will have to pay out of pocket and this is where you might opt for a Health Coach verse a Nutritionist. While both know about nutrition and how your body works a Health Coach can give you much more value in the long run for your money.

      Not all Health Coaches focus or teach the same philosophies regarding dieting. Some programs treat the client like something in them is broken and must be fixed before an individual can lose weight. Only you know if you need counseling to over come "issues" that may be tied to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. 

      I believe a good Health Coach will teach people about what is healthy to eat and what is not

healthy to eat. How to read labels and KNOW what is in your food so you can make an informed decision about what you feed yourself or your family. They should teach you about grains, proteins, fats and how these important foods are necessary for a healthy body. A good Health Coach will

help you see how lifestyle, attitude, exercise and nutrition plays a role for creating a happier,

healthier you.

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    Paul Vincent (Sunday, 19 March 2017 22:44)

    Found site very interesting.

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    helen schultz (Sunday, 19 March 2017 22:58)

    Just reading things about health and wellness does not make us take action so a health coach makes us not only take action but also adds accountabilities