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Do Athletes Need Specialized Nutrition?

I have seen this time and time again, someone from my bible study decides to run a marathon, or all too often we encourage our kids to join a sports team, but don't take into consideration what kind of fuel our bodies need. We are burning more calories, so we eat more. We are thirsty, so we drink sports drink or water, but seldom does anyone seek council from their doctor - who knows little about nutrition, much less a nutritionist or Health Coach as to what we should be eating or how much we should be eating. 


Sports Health

1 hour session in classroom or scheduled as a one on one with the Health Coach.



The general rule of thumb for water intake is 1 ounce per 2 pounds or half of your body weight. Now this can be hard, especially if you do not drink much water to begin with or liquids in general. I know some people who drink MAYBE 10 ounces of liquid all day. That's one small cup of coffee and a few sips of water! If this is you, then you are going through life dehydrated! If you are wanting to run or walk a marathon, or start lifting weights and thinking you want to compete then you are going to have to seriously step up your game here in this department! You might think, "this is great, I only have to use the restroom twice all day!"

I know some people who drink MAYBE 10 ounces of liquid all day.

Why water is so important, is that it hydrates your muscles. Water fills the muscles up and acts as a lubricant. When you are properly hydrated, your body can fight off inflammation better, assisting in recovery time after your workout. It also allows the muscles to stretch and grow with less stress. 


If you are not currently drinking at least half of your body weight in water, then I suggest you set up your daily goal and set specific times that you want to have drank X amount. So, for example, you want to drink 92 ounces of water, My suggestion is to find a container large enough to hold 92 ounces or line up several smaller containers. Say, you get up at 6 am and you go to bed at 10 pm. Your goal should be to have drank half, or 46 ounces by 2 pm. To help stay accountable to that, mark on your container the halfway and the time goal. Cut that in half and mark it again and write 10 am. Do this with the halfway point of 2pm and empty. Make as many small goals as possible. If you are using water bottles, mark your time goal on the bottle

Calories and Fat

It is not enough to merely increase your calories because you are burning more calories. What your pre-workout weight is, personal goals, and length of workout all play a role in making sure you are getting the right amount of calories. You also want your calories to count! Yes, it matters what you eat.

This is where personal coaching from a Health Coach or Nutritionist come in as we can help you tailor specific goals and meals. 


Unfortunately, a lot of folks go for a no-fat diet or a high fat diet. What your body really needs is a RIGHT FAT  diet. A right fat diet consists of eating a diet rich in Omega 3's, such as nuts, seeds, Salmon, and avocados.

 Yes, it matters what you eat.

What your body really needs is a RIGHT FAT diet. 

What Now?

By now you should see the importance of specialized nutrition if you are or your child is an athlete. This article was meant to whet your appetite, so to speak and seek out a Health Coach to work with you and guide you as you prepare in this next stage of your life. To not take nutritional needs into consideration would be like driving down the interstate - full speed, heading in the wrong direction, hoping to get to your destination in one piece. You cannot hope for the best. You must take control, having clear and specific plans, because like a high-powered car, your body must be maintained properly in order to function at it's peak.

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