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Oh, what fun!

Most companies tell you what they do and how they do it. They rarely, if ever tell you WHY they do what they do. What their passion is that led them to build their business. I want to start with WHY I chose to start Invincible Health and Wellness.


I spent over 20 years suffering with migraine headaches. I used to lie on the couch while my children played around me. My head hurt so bad that when my daughter would talk to me I would have to ask her to whisper or not talk to mommy. I also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2001. I do not want other parents to miss out on quality time spent with their families because of pain. Pain that keeps you sitting on the sidelines and not joining in on the family fun. 


I tried the conventional way of dealing with chronic headaches and pain. I went to the doctor and was given prescriptions. For the pain initially they helped, but over time not so much. I found myself supplementing the prescription pain relievers with OTC medications. As for the migraines my doctor and I never found a medication that worked for me. I then tried Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Again, initially there was relief, but the migraines kept returning. 


Fast forward to 2013 when I found myself in the emergency room. All those years of taking prescription and OTC drugs had taken their toll on my liver. It was time to try something new. I decided it was time to see if diet really could heal you. What I found out astounded me! Within 3 weeks my headaches went away, my joints didn't hurt, I could sleep at night, I actually had energy!


Why don't doctors tell you about diet? Why is eating right hidden from the general public? Fad diets and the newest prescription drugs get all the attention online and television. I want to dispel the myths around what a healthy diet looks like. I want families to grow old together. Be active together. I want you to enjoy your life. That is my passion. To educate you to make decisions about what you want to eat and be aware of the consequences of your choices or to reap the reward of feeling great and finding true health.


If you have read this far and you want to learn about my services and approach continue reading....


My passion in helping others help themselves has led me to want to help young families avoid diseases that destroys families. Diseases that were once thought to be hereditary, but scientists have since discovered are related to diet. Diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. I offer classes for women who are pregnant or want to become pregnant as well as classes for families so that the whole family can learn about good nutrition and have healthy goals together around food, exercise, attitude and lifestyle. 


Maybe you are one of the millions of people living with daily chronic pain? Is it keeping you from enjoying doing the things you used to do? Does it effect the simplest of tasks? Are you on prescription medications, but they seem to hardly help? At Invincible Health and Wellness, I offer you authentic and scientifically proven results through nutrition. Teaching you how to become healthier, stronger and make more educated decisions about food. I use Dr. Sears L.E.A.N system which stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. By applying these techniques, I help you take a proactive approach to your personal wellness. Health, happiness and strength must be balanced in all areas to create sustainable body wealth.

Discover the benefits of eating a whole food diet, eating for energy and lifestyle nutrition. In my "Take Back Your Life Workshop" you will also learn how 85% of all diseases are diet related and can be managed by making positive changes in the way you eat, move and think. You do not have to be defined by your disease or let it control your life. If you are ready to Take Back Your Life schedule a Complimentary discovery session with me today!



I offer online classes, retreats, corporate wellness programs and individual coaching packages to teach individuals how to break generations of poor eating habits, what is in your food and how to make good choices as well as what those good choices are. 85% of all diseases are diet related and can be overcome by making positive changes in your diet, lifestyle, attitude and making time for some exercise. I do not teach or promote fad diets, I teach you how to eat a whole food diet. That is, foods that are as close to the source as possible. Before I was a Master Certified Health Coach I was overweight and suffering from chronic pain due to Fibromyalgia. Let me teach you what I learned so that you too can take back your life and create sustainable body wealth!


I offer a *60 minute phone consultation to discuss your current health concerns and goals. Email me or text the word "coach" and your name to (253)225-5052 to schedule yours today!